Sanctuary Cities

a writing by Katresa Durham

Cambridge Dictionary states that a Sanctuary City is a city in the US or Canada where illegal immigrants are not prosecuted. Sanctuary Cities are as old as the Bible. JSTOR states that The principle of sanctuary has a long history in Western municipal civilization, according to William C. Ryan, a legal scholar. After slavery, the Hebrews established “cities of refuge” that could be accessed by a person who had “accidentally and unintentionally” killed another and was being pursued by the person’s kin. In another vein, the Athenians offered the right of asylum to “all those who were likely to suffer summary vengeance,” with sanctuary cities designated for the purpose of saving “the lives of those defeated in war.” Although this concept was put into place with good intention, these sanctuary cities have outstayed their welcome.
Sanctuary cities today, do more harm than good. Prior to this law coming into fruition, the House of Representatives passed a bill known as “Kate’s Law,” which would enhance penalties for convicted and deported criminals who reenter the United States illegally. (WP). Kate’s Law was made upon a woman being shot by a Mexican man who had been deported five times and convicted seven. The whole point of sanctuary cities was to keep people safe, but we spend more time worrying about the notions of illegal immigrants that cause harm and spend more money than any good we could ever logically created.
The Federation for American Immigration Reform cites the dollar amount spent on illegal immigrants at almost $135 billion dollars; however this study places the approximate population of illegal immigrants at 12.5 million; with the numbers reported from the Yale study, the total fiscal amount spent on illegal immigrants is anywhere from $180 billion to $238 billion dollars, given a linear proportional increase of dollars spent per illegal immigrant. This bill provides that a state or local government is an ineligible jurisdiction if it: (1) restricts any government entity or official from sending to or receiving from the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding an individual's citizenship or immigration status, (2) otherwise restricts compliance with a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detainer, or (3) has any law or policy in effect that violates the immigration laws.
The bill sets standards to determine if an entity is a sanctuary city or state and if they fall within the standards they will suffer federal funding for the fiscal year and fines. San Antonio violated this law when San police had found a trailer harboring 12 humans from Guatemala, charged the driver and released the illegal immigrants.

Along with the concept behind making the law for banning sanctuary cities, the same mindset is behind that of a border wall.

The ever increasing debate over a border wall is not about trying to keep people in, but rather keep the people in the wall safe. I think that the dallas news words it best Not every illegal immigrant dodges Gila monsters and skirts cacti in search of the American dream. Beyond old-fashioned killers, such as the remarkably brutal MS-13 gang, "special interest aliens" hail from nations rife with militant Islam, including Iran, Pakistan and Syria. Most of these border jumpers may be perfectly harmless, but the risk that even a few may crave American blood is a needless gamble.
Just like the sanctuary cities, there is this hope that wants to be kept alive that humanity can just survive with one another. But, the reality of the matter is the American Dream is dead and we do not need more humanity, we need more discipline. Creating discipline in a country that has been known for its freelancing behaviour is something that takes an immense amount of manpower and money. But, the money is being misdirected.

The star telegram comments on what the taxpayers eight hundred million dollars is being used for; the Texas Department of Public Safety will receive a majority of the money, about $694 million. That total includes more than $428 million in baseline funding, about $146 million for a 50-hour work week for DPS officers statewide and $97 million for 250 additional troopers. With only checkpoints and not an actual clear and hard line to be able to keep maintained, more money is being continuously wasted on man power that a wall could accommodate.

People are so gun hoe over trying to not look like an inhumane monster that they are forgetting the bigger picture. The United States of America cannot keep suffering the negligent acts of people who do not abide by its protocol. The economy of America and overpopulation will be the end. The wall would deem much more effective in economic standpoints. Breitbart did a study over the estimated economic impact that it would have and they state A recent NAS study estimated the lifetime fiscal impact (taxes paid minus services used) of immigrants by education. Averaging the cost estimates from that study and combining them with the education levels of illegal border-crossers shows a net fiscal drain of $74,722 per illegal crosser. If we use the NAS projections that include the descendants, the fiscal drain for border-crossers grows to $94,391 each. If a border wall prevented 160,000 to 200,000 illegal crossings (excluding descendants) in the next 10 years it would be enough to pay for the estimated $12 to $15 billion costs of the wall. The extra profit has decreased the amount of immigrants crossing, but it is not enough.

Technically the wall is a federal issue and ought to receive federal aid. The wall will mark for an international correlation. The immigrants who come through are not just from mexico, this makes it an international epidemic that the USA has to deal with. The federal government ought to be funding this.

Lew Rockwell talks about the humanity of a border wall when hungary did theirs; Today, most illegal immigrants enter countries in the EU legally but overstay or violate whatever visa they may have obtained. The Hungarians could not suffer anymore of the illegals, so they invented not only a wall of preventive measure, but also set in place a system of transit zones. The whole system of catch release is effective, but there is a better way. When an illegal immigrant tries to cross over there is a few miles in between that puts them in the transit zone where they are detained until hearing legal action from a judge. The immigrants not only do not make it into Hungary, but they also suffer the consequence of merely trying to commit a crime. Like the sanctuary cities and Kate’s Law, the more lack of discipline we have the more chaos and detriment will be brought upon the nation.
There is a huge epidemic that is facing the United States of America, which is the unwelcome neighbor. In a perfect world, the wish of wanting to be able to help people and shelter them or bring them in and unite them is a great goal to have. But, as of currently right now in almost 2019, there is not enough good being done to be able to make this dream a reality; not yet. The world today is a very unforgiving one and the USA is no better than any other county when it comes to trying to be the best, but there is a moment in every civilization where it has to adapt and evolve. The arguments pinned against the wall and against the ban on sanctuary cities are notions based out of the unknown concepts and fear. There is one main logical focus here, keep America Safe. When leaving Britain and establishing the 13 original colonies there was the want to be a better country and nation than the one in which we came. In doing better, it does not mean that anyone or everyone is going to understand or like it. It is easier for a child to talk back and throw a fit of rage, then to sit in silence with maturity and see the bigger picture. The sad reality that this America faces right now, is the lack to see the bigger picture. The wall is a federal issue and ought to be treated as such. The sanctuary city ban is put into place for a reason and any harboring is an act of treason. The time tables are crunching, it is time to step up.

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