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a writing by R. Anthony H. Rock


Whereas, the Earthly distinctions of Human Rights alters from one region of the Earth to another, This Declaration provides equal and equitable, and inclusive description of Equal and Equitable Human Rights for all Human Beings free from discrimination by reason or distinction, such as Skin Hue (skin colour), Gender, age, sexual (identification), Language, Culture or Ethnicity, Disability, Origin or Social Status, Property, Birth, Migration or other status by Society, Member Nations and State.

Whereas the United Nations in their current capacity has no teeth in curtailing the behaviours of Evil and Evil Doers, who are and reside in ever region of the Earth. “To expect bad men not to do wrong is madness.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditation) The madness must be quelled, peacefully, where possible, through enforcement, where necessary. There must be an ending, before any new beginning. A return to the paths that lead to self-destruction benefit no one!

Herein lay the purpose of this august body of allied nations, working in unison to make safe the Earth for its indigenous species and inhabitants; to promote, to educate, to adjudicate and to enforce those principles, equal and equitable human rights and freedoms that are inalienable to each and every human being, free from discrimination by reason or distinction, such as skin hue (skin colour), gender, age, sexual (identification), language, culture or ethnicity, disability, origin or social status, property, birth, or migration.

It is clear that the majority of the People of the Earth suffer and do not benefit from or are deprived of privilege, through flawed regimes of systemic bigoted liberties enjoyed with arrogance by those, who claim false ideals of supremacy, superiority, dominance and power over all. Under these conditions, where are equality, justice and most importantly equity, where all humankind is created equally; ideals that must be preserved by all Earth’s human inhabitants? There can be no Superiors or Inferiors in the ethical understanding of Equals.

The Corona Virus-19 bears witness and gives evidence, as by spotlight, to the blatant inequalities and inequities, injustices and biases, inadequacies and prejudices that exist across the regions, countries, nations and communities of the Earth, there is need for all human beings to address these failures collectively as equals. Such failures must be corrected, be remedied and modified so that all human beings, born free and indigenous to the Earth shall have equal and equitable dignity, respect, and sanctity in the eyes of any other human being, community, state, nation or country.
No human being is born lesser than or greater than any other human being by reason or distinction of their skin hue (skin colour), gender, age, sexual (identification), language, religion, culture or ethnicity, origin or status, property, birth, migration or other status. Systemic bias, prejudice and/or discrimination by reason or distinction, such as skin hue (skin colour), gender, age, sexual (identification), language, religion, culture or ethnicity, disability, origin or social status, property, birth, migration or other status by society, member nations and state, is no longer tolerated.

How does one end Mankind’s inhumanity to Mankind? How does one end the inhumanity that visits each and every Nation? How does one stop the minority of the Species from destroying the majority of the Species? These questions should be tantamount on the minds of all human beings. However, they are not foremost in the minds of the average individual, where selfish is the norm and selfless is untaught. “The Good of the many outweighs the good of the one or the few,” a tenet, well known, yet not representative of any individual Lifestyle.

Mankind is ONE Species of many Hues, Colours, divided into races (lightest to darkest); a flawed social construct (Race (Human Categorization), 2020) to which the claim of superiority and privilege was claimed by those who lacked a moral, ethical and equitable capacity of compassion, mercy or capacity of love. They robbed, pillaged, marauded, and trampled the Earth; discovered, invaded, and claimed as their own, that which was already peacefully inhabited.

Setting themselves above all other human beings, they extracted wealthy from the Earth, enslaved others, forced them to labour under via the task-masters whip; set the masses against each other, while they lounged in indolently and luxury. “They are not us, they are not human, they are not capable,” were their claims; illustrated arrogance and unfounded propaganda, that created systemic bigotry, hatred within the social construct and a status systems that enabled the inequality and equities that unjustly plagues the people of the Earth.

Class, Caste and Status, creations of a flawed social construct; a biased sliding scale from light to dark (why not dark to light); serves to the divide inequitably and separate those, who revel in excess from the masses that wallow in poverty. Greed is a disease of the mind; it does not earn; it takes more and more, leaving less for those, who have laboured without earning. To curb Mankind’s desires for greed, new standards must be established and installed, establishing a sustainable existence of all human beings inhabiting the Earth. Mankind does not inhabit the Earth alone, neither can they exist without the other Species in falsely claimed dominion. Class, Caste and Status can no longer be tolerated for its detrimental attributes to human existence.

Wealth in all its measures is not and shall not be a determinant of Superiority, neither can the lack of wealth be the measure by which individuals are considered Inferior. The Haves and Have-nots are born equals in the eyes of an ethical world and shall be treated with equal Respect, Justice and Dignity regardless of cultural background, where it shall be observed that all Humans are indigenous to Earth. Superiority shall be determined on the fields of Skills, Talent, Sport and Peaceful Competition. The best shall be determined by merits of education, their prowess, and capabilities.

Neither the lack of skin colour nor an abundance of skin colour can separate one human being from another or from the truth, respect, sanctity, or dignity of existence; fore all humans are equally and equitably sanctified by their birth. Human existence is the obligation of the entire Species of Homo-sapiens as a whole, who collectively are no more than long-term guests upon the Earth.

There exists a multitude of diverse Declarations and Charters of Rights & Freedoms, Constitutions and other documents that detail the divisions of humanity into the flawed construct of race categories that by their very penning have created the divisive rift, segregation, hatred and discrimination creating by measure those of lesser fortune, and those of greater fortune.

Let it be realized by the nations of humankind, a Nation is its people, not its wealthy, its government or its corporate entities, the nation is the masses. Thronged together, impoverished by reason of a flawed social construct that requires adherence to ideals of equality, neither realized nor recognized by those, who claim authority and control of that multitude of innocent lives. Here lay the flaw in the ideology of the social construct of Race; if all are equal, the White Rose holds no authority or control over the species of Roses nor its diverse colours.

There are over 200 countries and nations states across the face of the Earth, with varying degrees, ideas and beliefs of Rights and Freedoms forged by those corrupted by greed; their thirst for Wealth, Power and Control; demanding freedoms solely for themselves, while granting none for the masses, they disclaim as lesser beings. This is the flaw of being Human; the belief that having more makes an individual better, wiser, stronger, or powerful, by reason of their lavish lifestyle and excesses. The truth here, having more just makes an individual greedy!
There exists a multitude of miseries, and histories of suffering caused by and perpetrated on the human species by the human species thirsting for greed; this by necessity must be brought to a halt and ended. That the few engage or perpetrate atrocities on the masses through ignorance, stupidity, hate and an arrogant greed is the issues that need be addressed. “No human has the right to treat any other human being in a manner they themselves would not choose to be treated."

The matter here is Choice and Freewill, which are singular, a gift to humankind; fore they and they alone have the freewill to choose. That there are those, who choose incorrectly and inaccurately is a matter of Education. How does one change for the better, the World of Mankind? Education; one equally and equitably educated child at a time. Do not squander the Present on the flawed ideologies of the Past seeking better Future; fore Greed shall devour itself and all Earthly Species. None can gain Peace, until they Educate in Peace.

No human needs suffer at the hands of or through the neglect of or the oppression by another human being. This is the most important lesson of being a “human being,” forgotten through the generations as told by the flawed installation of victors and vanquished. That there are those that prey on the weak, the defenseless, the destitute and the less fortunate for the purpose of greed, personal gain or misplaced joys is an aberration of the species and should be weeded out. Whether by defect of Mental Capacity or Inane Cruelty learned through parental tutelage passed down age after age; it can and will be suspended, permanently.

Excess is neither a measure of Supremacy, Superiority, Equality nor Equity! Excess is a measure of Greed, and of greed alone! Greed is the first of Mankind’s mortal enemies and must be avoided. Having more than any other does not make one better, neither does it make one great; it merely makes on Greedy! Greed has but one master, it consumes to excess until it consumed itself and all that it feeds on to the extinction of all things. Greed is non-sustainable being all consuming.

Installed in the beliefs of Mankind’s Religions are those of the Christian, Muslim, Judaism and Atheistic Sects; each claim they abide by the tenets of the Bible, Torah or Quran. These have spawned a number of periphery sects, diverse in their ideologies, yet claiming to believe in the singular Ideology of Equality. If All Mankind are thus created equal, how then claim to be superior to any other?

Beg not that someone change their belief, but rather to alter ideology to that which is clearly a mandate of all religions, Equality. To find Equality one must first find that, which has been missing from the lives of all Mankind, Truth. Through truth one can begin to understand the Equity that has been denied the Majority by the Minority. If all Mankind are to prosper, they must do so equally and in equitable fashion, regardless of wealth, position, or belief.

There are Four Ideologies at play in the World of Human Psyche and each has its indelible flaws, perpetrated from one to another in unceasing proficiency, generation after generation. This will not change unless the narratives and the attitudes alter. “No One is an Island,” neither are they alone in Paradise. In this world of over 7 Billion individuals, there can no longer be an ideology of “others,” when all humans hold the welfare of each other in the palm of their hands.

“Evil triumphs, when good people do nothing,” it does worse, when embellished by False Freedoms for some and not for others; claiming that is the Ideology of Existence. Why is Mankind here? Is it to be wealthy? Is it to be powerful? Is it to be fruitful? Claim which one wilt, fore none are capable alone; without the others to assist, none are wealthy; none are powerful, and none are fruitful!

If Mankind is going to set forth Standards, Laws, Rules and Regulations, they must be set in the manner that creates for Mankind a World both Ethical and Equitable for all its inhabitants. There are no others among humans; fore they all live, eat, sleep, and breathe of the same ingredients necessary for any to sustain Life.

Observe each individual Species that dwell below the surface of the Sea; they do not behave as Humans do. Observe each individual Species that soar among the clouds and the heavens; they do not behave as Humans do. None of these creatures craves excess, wealth or power, yet each knows their equal place in the Cycle of Life. Among Humans, the Cycle breaks, is shattered and rendered destructive to all living creatures, even unto the Environments; fore here all Earth’s creatures inhabit.

This Declaration is penned to create standards and principles that have teeth to bite those, who claim their existence to be more than just ordinary human beings; a means, by which all human beings can enjoy and are ensured sustained existence observing that all human beings are threatened should any minor group, percentage, culture or ethnicity, gender, claims domination over the whole, by reason or distinction, such as skin hue (skin colour), gender, age, sexual (identification), language, religion, culture or ethnicity, disability, origin or social status, property, birth, migration or other status, while abdicating responsibility for their actions or omissions regarding that group, percentage, section, culture or ethnicity, or skin hues of the collective body of humanity.

Mankind is not an ethical creature, yet they strive for lasting Peace, and must be made to be so, by Rules and Principles that govern them collectives and wholly as One Species. Through equal and equitable education of such rules and principles that govern the collective behaviour of all human beings regardless of distinction by reason, such as skin hue (skin colour), gender, age, sexual (identification), language, religion, culture or ethnicity, disability, origin or social status, property, birth, migration or other status. Ignorance is no excuse to infringement of the rule of law, or the Declaration of Equitable Humanship, Ethics and Equity.

“Humankind are the People; the People are the Nations; the Nations are the whole of Humankind.” Humans are members of the World Ethical Congress of Allied Nations and W.E.C.A.N. bring Peace in our Time. In a world that disdains the lives of the innocent masses as insignificant, disposable, or lesser, it is time to say with one human voice: “All Human Lives Matter!”

This Declaration herein is a “Living Document” based on the purpose and principles that created the United Nations, but shall amend and make equitable, the rules of law in every region, country, state, and community, where human beings inhabit on the Earth, and shall govern human behaviour, and shall be instrumental in the establishing, ideals and the realization of Truth, Security, Peace, Justice, and the Purpose and Principles that are Humanship, Ethics and Equity.

The simple and obvious conclusion is the creation of an Ethical Earthly Organization to oversee the well-fare, procedures, principles, peace and security of all human being, no matter where they reside on Earth. Over 2000 years have passed to the detriment of the whole, where mankind is the whole of every country, nation, and state free from discrimination by reason, such as skin hue (skin colour), gender, age, sexual (identification), language, religion, culture or ethnicity, disability, origin or social status, property, birth, migration.

“No two leaves were alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches on which they grow.” (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, n.d.)

R. Anthony H. Rock

Humanship, Equity & Ethics

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