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Curly brownish hair touching her chubby cheeks, her eyes sparkling with joy, she resembled a little fairy flaunting the newly stitched pink frock! What more would a five year old girl desire! Playing around, frolicking in the house, she was a darling! Her joyous smiles were all that her mother wished for. She had a fondness for the little silver anklets and their tinkling echo.
Announcing her presence, she would often thump her feet, as if emphasizing her point. Tiny pearls rolled down her cheeks, especially when teased by her big brother. But wasn’t he the only one who would hide her behind saving her from mother’s wrath? That one hour that she spent at home without him, awaiting his return from school, her eyes turning towards the door every now and then….for she used to come back an hour early before he would. ‘Why don’t you watch television? He’s not here to trouble you.’ She found her mother’s words piercing down to her heart. ‘He’s not here to trouble me? He’s not here….and that’s the whole trouble.’

The ringing doorbell put her on her guard everyday and she prepared herself for a big fight with her big brother. Waiting eagerly, missing him every moment….only to enter a brawl! Their love perhaps knew no other expression!

Never did her mother leave her alone, not for a single minute. But that day…that fateful day…she did. Not knowing what lay ahead, how cruel fate could be, she went out but was back before long. Finding the front door open, on her return, she was taken aback as her little girl wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Frantically, she went on knocking from door to door in the otherwise quiet neighbourhood, only to face disappointment. A friendly figure, a young neighbour, offered help. Leading her to nearby parks, play areas, searching pits and dumping grounds, they finally reached an isolated spot behind a secluded house. An unfinished chocolate, a crushed wrapper and a shattered angel was telling the whole story!

Unbearable sight for a mother!

Holding her in his arms, his shirt soaked in her blood, he rushed to a nearby hospital. Trying to get her senses back, the devastated mother tried hard to keep pace.

She fights no more….not with her brother….but……she fights for her life today. She’s still five years old….the same little fairy….only her wings are tattered now. Her brother awaits her smile to return….his ears longing to hear the tinkling anklets… she lies there….violated by someone who lured her with a chocolate...

‘What happened to her, mom?’

‘It’s the price of the chocolate…..’

…..and she could speak no further, words failing her….


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