Paying The Piper

a writing by william andrews

The promise we broke
to our kids
no longer
has a name

The winters
that are soon
to come
will only bring us

for we was
to scared to speak
what we think
for fear of being classed
as treacherous speech
By those
who befriended
the lonely
the lost
and the weak
By those
who embolden the bitter
the destitute
state of mind
to become
foot soldiers cannon fodder
in a war
to revive the past
to bring back the pain
the fear the suffering
the mind numbing dread
when there's a knocking
on Your Door

At midnights End

As your tears
of sadness
come from deep
within your heart
desperately clinging
to your partner
with soon to be
broken bones
watching your child
slowly smile
reaching for the handle
to open your door
To those
with a smile
of a shark
Who will gleefully explain
to you
in the language of pure misery
and unbelievable

YOU agreed
By Your Silence
to live this way
So now

You Must Pay

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