How To Understand Us Dour, Reticent, Surly, Matter of Fact, Few-Word Yorkshire Folk

a writing by Paul Butters

Here are some translations that might help -

Yorkie: "It's\that's okay" = "That's utterly and stupendously wonderful, my good man. A complete earthquake of a shock - shattering the space-time continuum and rendering the universe a pile of rubble. Really appreciate your kind generosity!"

Yorkie: "I agree" = "Yes, I have studied your thesis for hours. Didn't like to reply straight away - kept it on the back burner so I could rumminate through your wise and comprehensive thoughts. And yes, your views are sheer genius and spot on once again."

Yorkie: "On Ilkla moer bah tat" = "strolling on the historic slopes of Ilkley Moor in God's Own County, though suffering from those icy northern winds because I forgot to wear my hat."

However, sometimes this same Yorkshire person may mean something quite different (and there's the conundrum that baffles the rest of the world), eg they might mean....

Yorkie: "It's\that's okay" = it's\that's okay"...

Or even...

Yorkie: "I agree" = "I agree" or "Wot's all this? I better just agree!"


Paul Butters

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