May 17, 2020

a writing by Syl Espina

It was the 1st Sunday of General Community Quarantine in the city where I live, when my life came to a halt. I was thrown into a state where I needed to stay calm amidst deep in sorrow, needed to be strong even when my heart was torn into pieces, and needed to accept that God has called my Mama into His kingdom. On that Sunday morning, I witnessed how my Mama passed away at home, and it left an indelible mark on me, an impression that, though each of us came to Earth through our mothers, we all leave through different exits... anytime.

Even in sorrow, I still thank God that my Mama left earth without much suffering and pain, and I know in my heart that He, together with Mama Mary were with her that day as she began her journey to heaven. 46 days have already passed, but it still felt like it happened just yesterday. I still cry because I miss my Mama's physical presence, but I know my sorrow will soon diminish, with God's grace.

I believe that, no one can hurry sorrow to depart because in sorrow, one can learn many things, those which are essential to one's soul growth. I am aware that I'm mourning, but I also know that this, too, will pass and I will have to continue on my earthly journey in this lifetime, until my soul is ready for the next dimension, which is heaven.

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