book of creation

a writing by william andrews

As many scientists have suggested
shall we say
our chromosome 2
telomere to telomere
is very strange

then we come to the
3000 year old text
called the sefer yetzirah
book of creation
there are people who claim
people who have
those bits of paper
nailed to their wall
if one takes the words
from the text
and converts them
into the periodic table
of elements
you can read the words
god eternal within the body
someone figured out
how to store data
in DNA
a long time ago
bearing in mind
that Japanese scientists
have proven
it can be done
If it can be done
and it has been done
in our
Distant past
the question of
who are we
is irrelevant
when reading those words
god eternal within the body
The question is
What Are We

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