a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK

My mind awakens to the beauty around
The hissing spray of the fountain's sound
The rays of the bright sun trickle through
The slender leaves on the willows bough
And spots of sunlight dappling on the pond
As a moorhen hops on a water lily it's fond
The fountain water sprays majestically
Into the sky the still air is mystically
Shrouded with rainbow lighted hues
Mingled with the skys changing blues
The indigineous trees in their spring cloaks
Of new born leaves the mist soaks
The sun's rays beat brilliantly on the pave
The intermittent sweltering heat wave
Then the sudden cool shade is bold
Making life a marvel to behold
A combined beauty in creation grows
God created , man planted in rows
The spring flowers bared late this year
Solomon's splendour is nowhere near
Hints of the country fill the air
My heart humbled as I slowly stare
At speckled colours mottled against green
Bees buzzing to and fro I have seen
These same trees I watched in the fall
Unseen hands plucked the trees so tall
The willows like emerald fountains
My memory forever sustains - Rubens May 2006

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