a poem by Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Montik, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

The Girl

Don't remember me as the sad-eyed girl

who smiled less with each passing day and

who could not make a sound when a joke was

told because she had forgotten how to laugh.

Don't think of me as the lonely girl who had

lost all of her friends because one by one they

had all betrayed her and found someone else

who was better and more popular than her.

Don't mention my name when you talk about

the broken girl who did not know how to love

anyone or anything because she could not

remember what love was or how it felt.

Don't connect me to the girl who began to

resent sunshine and all that it stood for

because in her world of bitter darkness there

was no space for a happy sunbeam.

Don't imagine me as you picture vulnerable

tears flood her eyes and drown the face that

nobody had ever bothered to put into a

photograph to be placed inside a family album.

Remember me as the energetic girl who

used to giggle at everything and who had a

smile on her face all day long as she shared

happy moments and memories with friends.

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