a poem by Regis J. Auffray, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Clouds are gathering
Presage of a stormy day
In hesitant dawn

Tiny winter wren
Warbles its song to the world
Then finds a warm nest

Winter breeze whispers
Through brittle frozen branches
Of things yet to come

‘Ere the storm begins
Timid sky blushes silver
As the wind rises

The first snowflakes fall
Sighing through the waving boughs
Of majestic trees

Soon the full blizzard
Conducts the wintry chorus
Of nature’s opus

The storm is over
One by one the stars appear
As the wind retires

A wolf's mournful howl
Echoes through the silent woods
Answered by an owl

Music of the moon
Hushed by the snow-laden limbs
Enchants the still night

Winter's spell is cast
All the forest falls asleep
To its lullaby

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