"Feed Honey To The Bees," I Said

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Sweetness spread like a sugar gloss on birthday cake
and you with eyes hidden by black-smoked-glass
mirror yourself on a mirage

This world calls you to spend your gold,
“Youth,” bursting its bounds with
brash confidence , knowing all,
even things which are hidden from me
“Soul of naivety,”
are to you, crystal clear,
you smirk, your
lack of knowledge more apparent to me
“The old Fool” than you could even imagine.
I knew when to say “No”;
but then, I have always been careful
with my wealth
husbanding it like a miser on deaths door,
jealous of each moment spilled on “not- being.”
I have always valued life
But you burn, overflowing with the desire for “More!”
more of the sand which slips
through your fingers
unnoticed by you, now
even more quickly than ever before!

©Lila Joseph

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