a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

All through my lifeIwas blind.
But I can see clear now.
By intense of my inner eyes
Through your brilliance

I am wearing a cloak.
Woven from despair,
Stitched in hopes of,
A cuddle in your warmth

Often I hear your voice
Unable to recognize
Unnoticed you step in
Shedding your veils

Suddenly I see you flowing-
Into my emptiness,
Filling me full, chirping.
Now I can hear your giggle.

You were tickling,
Tattooing me in exotic shades,
Every cell of mine plunges out.
Chanting your name aloud

Finally when I choke,
Gasping for breath,
You glide in as a cool breeze
Spreading aroma of life

I remain enclosed,
In the warmth of your memory
Surfing on the crest of waves,
I reach on your shore

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