a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

We stare, transfixed, immortalised in time.
Across the great divide you lie in peaceful solitude
while I mingle, single-minded amongst noisy multitudes crowding the pavement.

Feet shuffle against yellow, red and brown crackling leaves
scattered and battered beneath boots of ruddy leather

Our last words were spoken before the blistering heat of summer
cut a swathe in the golden paddocks.
Hot winds blew unruly hair, parched lips waited for the blessing
of a clearing shower

I never imagined a separation of souls:
yours in the next world,
mine lingering at the threshold,
longing for you to return to my side,
to clasp my waiting hand.

A salty tang cuts a streaky path to my mouth.
Tears come now; they drop silently to hide
in the wasteland of leaves which other feet will crush with indifference.

I move on towards the next memory
of seasons spent together.

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