a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Behind dark shades of time,-
echoes, feeble dying sounds...
Clatter of thoughts in mind,
vibrates, beyond imagination.

A glow still spills on horizon.
Strands of golden rays fall.
Sun Floats in scattered pieces,
dissolves in dark Blue Ocean.

In the stillness of abysses,
divine clarity manifests..
Peace and tranquility prevails,
In the depth of meditative minds.

From sanctum sanctorum,
an enlightened wick dances,
emitting, a flame of its heart.
sprinkling, purifiers all around...

Chime of temple bells wakes up ears.
Nose, dives into fragrance of incense.
Eyes fall in love with idol of lord.
Skin feels the thrill of devotion,
tastes, the nectar of his love.
Somewhere in the vicinity,
Sounds auspicious blowing of a shell

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