a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

As a spark I live in you.
Kindle a fire in the dawn.
I invoke you in my heart,
Feeling, your warmth spread,
slowly all through my body.

I watch your eyes smile,
At the soft touch of my lips.
I can feel your milky breath,
As I hold you close by,
in tender loving embrace...

I want you forever as my child,
To see this world as you see
Fresh and fine, fantasy filled
Soft and subtle serene and scenic
Untainted by the colours or creed

For you I offer my shoulders
Rest on me as and when
My breasts full; thrill to feed you.
With milk of my compassion
Nectar of my graceful love

I cherish you as a divine star,
fallen in my lap from heaven.
Tickling your soft pink chin,
I fondle you as my dream,
watching your little gums part.

In the cradle of my soft thoughts,
I swing you on, making you sleep.
by singing a lullaby,
I enter, in your dream watching you,
then wake you up into my dream,
stretching my hands to hold you.

Often you rise above me,
floating by angelic wings.
awe struck I watch you,
gleaming in purity of love
Oh! god you are so innocent.

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