a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Among a heap of jasmine flowers,
I saw you smiling exotically.
It was aroma of your heart,
spreading fragrance of love.

Theme of your life is written,
So well, elegantly in nature,
In every breath you inhale or exhale,
releases a rhythmic tranquilty.

As a butterfly you float joyfully,
sprinkling colours of your wings,
shading petals with heavenly hues.
As solitude pervades you unaware.

Awe struck eyes stare at you.
Unable to express gratitude
In a moment of stillness,
You took me to fathoms of peace

Plunging deep into ecstasy,
I merge in your oceanic blues.
Allowing myself to be drifted away,
filling the sails with wind of grace.

I wish if I could reach you out,
In every thought as a pollen grain
Waiting your gracious foot fall
sticking me away into fertility.

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