a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Millions flock together, reach out for you,
In despair filled sorrowful soaring eyes,
They shower you with all their dripping hearts,
smearing sweat and dirt on your shoulders.

Listening to their woes holding them tenderly,
often reflecting their emotions as your feelings.
never forgetting to pour little of your softness,
a drop of your compassion as honey dew.

As the day gets older to twilight, then to darkness,
Again to dawn, you sit there cross legged;
Waiting for that unknown person to arrive,
Just to watch the glow of innocence in his eyes.

From the depth of oozing dirt and filth you draw.
The strength of time to bloom and float as lotus.
Tears of nature roll on your cheeks, trying to roll,
But you remain on the rock of calmness, unperturbed.

Rising in the heart of sun you spill on clouds,
A golden glow, spraying the mist with pink of your heart.
your appearance purifies the air cascading around,
attracting Beatles to hum around you in melody tunes.

When greatness blossoms; subtle fragrance spreads,
beckoning creatures big and small in to your fold.
Life exists in tune with abundant ambience of nature,
Manifesting over life forms as divine brilliance!

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