a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Magnanimity sweeps through aisle.
Swift steps glide away in glamour.
She floats with her dreamy eyes,
sharing her world of benevolence.

Weilding with sword of freedom
her hands stretched in blessings
Bliss of her penance sift gracefully
allover the world by warm fondness

Seeping through every heart exotically
embracing world by the compassion
Sweeping, she enters every mind
beckoning for action innocence

Whole sea of faces come to her vision
Waves and heaves of life's existence
pleasures and pains of their world
captures and reflects on her face

Every breathe passes by her nostrils
Never forgets a face she had seen
Cry of an ant to an elephant never escapes-
unheard, she listens to every distress

Oh! My mother embrace me for long
Do not leave me alone in this frost
Hold me along all the way to shore
I have no survival except on your lap

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