The Past, Let it Go

a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

(Dedicated to Christians who still carry guilt.)

Do you wonder, why you can forgive others, "So why can't I forgive myself?"
True love keeps no record of wrongs,
That means you and everyone else.

God keeps no record of our wrong doings.
But, we keep records, long and well-worn.
Through His love and personal forgiveness,
Freedom from the past can be born.

Not forgiving ourselves is self-hatred.
God doesn't want this to be.
He will take the past and restore it.
By forgiving, we follow His lead.

False guilt, from sins already forgiven,
Is a sin, and not pleasing to God.
It competes with Christ's atonement;
It doesn't let God be God.

The blood of Jesus covers all sins.
No guilt should linger there.
With confession and repentance in humility,
All sins are in His care.

Forget all those sins you still carry.
The past that still hurts, let it go.
It's been washed in the blood of Christ Jesus.
Your past is whiter than snow.

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