The Road to Faith is Praise

a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

(Dedicated to the struggling Christian.)

When your prayers are feeble,
And your voice is weak,
And you're spinning your wheels,
And you have no strength,
"What lacks?" you ask.
It is faith, you see,
The road to Faith, is Praise.

It's an obligation,
Of the Child of God.
Not optional, not occasional,
But essential, in your walk with God.
Praise expresses trust,
In the One you love.
The road to Faith, is Praise.

Praise isn't magic,
But it makes you strong.
It's what God looks for,
When things go wrong.
Do you trust Him,
In the midst of the storm?
The road to Faith, is Praise.

Release your Faith,
With a song of Praise.
Lift up your hands,
And let your voice be raised!
To the Most High,
And Worthy to Be Praised!
The road to Faith, is Praise.

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