a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

I had many toys as a kid.
One day, I discarded some
As they turned obsolete and seem silly now,
I do not play with them anymore.

Whatever I have now
Shall be abandoned one day as
I reach to Rolls and Mansions
From marbles and tops,

All new gadgets of time I have now.
I could buy them a wish
migrating from one fancy to another,
growing by desires into sorrow.

At last, maybe I will not need them,
All that I have now has no value so
I discard them one by one,
All possession of my dreams.

When I realized how silly I was
to have possessed them,
I streak and freak into the street
Stretching my hands open,
Shedding weight,
My skin scaling, loosened,
I carry nothing, am ready to board.

My journey begins here, Now.
To the shore of absolute freedom
A morsel of food is waiting for me somewhere,
The birds neither sow seeds nor harvest
Yet they are being fed.

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