a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

A mere look by the corner of your eyes,
Reaches deep pierced in every heart.
Doves of destiny fly away to freedom.
A ray of hope blooms a thousand lotuses.

Smile on your lips loom my world.
Waking me up from deep slumber,
touching my soul in soft strokes,
you make me cry in joy for a while.

I love to watch your gliding stroll,
placed softly into paining hearts
All through sorrow- drenched souls
You sprinkle warmth n sunshine.

Sitting near you is a dream come true.
Sheltered in the abode of your warmth
I secure myself from a flood of delusion
trekking slow on a path, you have cleared

I try to follow your footprints all the way,
often losing myself in the wilderness.
When I sit dejected, unable to see a path,
I hear you calling me from nowhere.

Oh! Yes, you reappear as a dream from mist.
I run faster towards you, hands stretched.
But, you disappear leaving me wondering,
As I listen to your giggle far away beyond.

With wider eyes, mouth aghast I look dumb,
failing to discover your omnipresence!
Some time I see a glow in my heart,
striking, a sweet chime of thoughts so deep.

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