a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Memory tries to play hide n seek here,
Courtyard is empty sighing silently.
Dry mango leaves murmur in wind
Breaking silence, rubbing the floor.

I remember your first soulful words,
enchanted my heart so often, in loneliness.
I relish your petal feet fall on my dryness,
blooming; waking up a sleeping dream.

In craziness of ecstatic convulsions,
I roll wildly over your footprints on sand.
Trying to merge myself in memories,
I drench in tears for grace of your vision.

You had disappeared, casting me away
Into infinite fathoms of ocean of myth,
I still see many peacock quills float in the air
bearing your subtle scent of sandalwood paste.

I can hear your heart flow in compassion,
exhaling music of love thru your flute.
Entire myth of existence freezes to timelessness,
waiting for glory of revelation, your love.

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