a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Grace of dawn sprinkles mystery.
Silver streaks of mist seeps down,
splendor of aesthetic images awake.
Kissing on wandering cool clouds

Music of life starts in morning so early.
Listening closely lying on bed,
I hear subtle sweet song of earth.
Birds of all feathers start on a chorus.

Sparrows, parrots, pigeons and lovebirds,
Crows, kingfishers, hawks n falcons
Many more of known and unknown,
all they sing in, a tune for new born.

Far and near nestled they settled,
sharing n caring for lives they live.
Blended so close to colourful nature,
timing their song for days to come.

Making an entry stamping on earth,
humans they start a day in hurry.
Nothing we care, shaming to share,
silly we live holding a hollow.

Killing all day in front of a desk
we carry a bag full of junks to store.
Smearing a lot of sharp spears,
we do live a life so dead. So dead!

Waving their wings, birds fly back,
Pecking a twig from twilight zone.
Filling their nest with a glow of life
Warming their chicks with a fill of love.

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