a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

At the edge of the world,
on a cliff, I hang on to my life.
Valley and sky meet afar,
Some where between awe,
and mystery beyond vision.

Entire heaven beaming down,
with all its stars, moon and sun...
A golden broom sweeps mist down.
Sigh of wind flutter clouds away.
Dark winged birds fly clapping,
disappear behind my thoughts.
My date with solitude is broken.

Trekking a beaten path I am here,
into the embrace of destiny.
I see many footprints that I had,
left on lanes and pathways I toddled.
My thoughts fly across in search.

I found nothing worthy of my life.
But, I discovered with gratitude
for the grace of Mother Nature, she
fed me, maintained my existence.
She wore silently my stampede of ego,
hoofed n implanted all over her body.

When chime of mind turns silent,
I can hear you singing a rare song.
Then you appear on the horizon,
showering elegance of divine puzzles.
I cling on to reef of my existence,
until you hold me in tender embrace.
Virgin Mary, my mother of universe.

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