a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Touch of heaven

By the touch of first rain drops
Dry twigs get drenched
Sleeping buds wake up slowly,
Into beading silvery sprouts.

At last when canopy of spring
Settles down spraying golden mist
Intoxicated she arrives in a veil.
Her parting lips shine a hologram.

Her giggles echoed far from heaven
Through the stretches of Milky Way.
Her silk robe flutter tickling
Vibrating her beauty in its full texture.

At the end of day when sky overcasts,
Unzipping, bursting the clouds,
Summer rains arrive, flashes of lightning
Thud on the roof top with a thunder.

Small streams of water streak down.
Sweating earth fuming, her invigorating smell,
Down from the bowels a deep cry arise
Creatures big and small crawl into light!

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