a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Rain clouds hanging down,
Touching the earth; shading.
Even last ray of light vanished,
Pouring down skimmed darkness

Birds of same clan flock together,
dropping, the days content,
Opened beaks oiling the feathers,
waiting for the downpour,

Wind whistles through trees.
creaking, cracking bamboo shoots,
humming a tune for monsoon,
hailing arrival of season in pomp.

Insects creep into their tiny holes.
Snakes beating the retreat.
Dry leaves fall incessant,
flutter with scrubby dry murmur.

Mind wanders soaked in good hopes.
This long wait ends after all.
Smell of earth intoxicates,
swashing the hoods in ecstasy,

At last the rain ripples on the roof,
In rhythmic divine music.
Several silver globules hang-
On the cloth line; falls on her naval

Earth quivers in first shower,
shivers In cold streaking rain.
Jasmine flowers lie scattered,
spreading soft fragrance of her hair.

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