a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

The river is dry.
Even small streams drained away;
She is dying.
Gasping for last breath
Life has come to a standstill
Once she was full, full of life.
Flowing and flooding
every flora and fauna drenched

She used to spread
her luxuriant hair on the banks
Some where down the mountain
They barraged her love.
She made a chasm and went underground
She is dying.
Frogs crak creek and freak
The throat is dry, choked
Succumbing to sticky mucous

Life! Remaining; whistles through
Expanded nostrils
A pounding foot shatters the sand bed
From a little pool of dirt life quivers

A tiny fish flashes out.
Dust of fate covers its body.
Grey feathered wild grass lay scattered lifeless.
Her hair
The river "Nila" dies.
Nothing remains.
Only Skeleton of a fish
And a feeble cry from my heart.


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