a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

You had withdrawn into a shell,
Engraving your body with the wear of life.
But you enliven in the heart of words,
Pouring out from the inner depth,
From the loudness of your silence.
I know you enjoyed looking at your body in privacy,
Feel every cell of it,
The youthfulness and luxury,
Wondering the magic of its existence.
You dream a lot in aesthetics,
Imagining the colour mix,
Wing yourself far beyond the blue sky.
You were floating as if you were dancing
With the angels,
Your anklets tinkle in the sky,
Your nose-ring glitters,
Your bangles dangle,
Your eyelashes move weaving the delicate wings of angels.
You brought life to the moon,
Bringing a piece of its flesh,
Wearing the shine on your forehead,
You create a rainbow on your cheeks.
Men whistle when you move around,
Widening their nostrils
To feel your aroma hang in the air,
Creating a poem of yourselves,
Imprinting your tiny shoe flower feet
In every heart,
You tickle the beauty.
I listen to the giggle,
The sweet, womanly giggle.

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