a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Making soft footprints on the silky sand
You strolled along the beach,
Humming an exotic melody of life.
Every grain of sand sighed in ecstasy
At the touch of your feet.
A hue hangs around you as you step in.

I watch your eyes sparkle
Where a thousand stars twinkle,
Where horizon meditates.
Sea breezes flutter your dark hair
Making a wave in twilight.

The primordial sound echoes
Through and through every atom,
Every creation.

Lord breathe life into the flute
Emitting the cosmic song.
When his lips touch, every sound turns a song,
The fusion begins.

You made me cry,
Melting my heart to the tune
Of your soulful music.
Sea wipes everything,
Breeze kisses my tears away.

A frog leaps
Trying to make an imprint on the shore,
A crab cycles,
A star shoots down,
A splash of a starfish.
Oh silence again,
Eternal silence.

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