a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Your softness in wave heaves
When you breathe,
The ambrosia from your breasts flow,
The subtleness in your mystic eye
Uncovers the depth of your compassion.
I love watching you with awe,
As you smile through the corner of your eyes,
Your innocence shines pink on your cheeks.
Oh you are mischievous,
The light of your laughter
Shine your lashes,
You blush at a touch.
Your shyness still makes me
Keep you veiled
Behind the mist of sweetness.
I want you to meditate on the
Laps of nature,
Let your beauty be untouched,
Let it be the treasure
Preserved for ever,
Un-imprinted by the
Feet of time.
Oh Mother nature,
Virgin Mary,
Give birth to another great
Child from the depth of your compassion,
A child from innocence.

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