a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

I remember when you wrote me a silly poem
Depicting my lengthy phone calls
With my best friend.
I still have that poem.

I remember how you used to wake me up of a morning
By pounding on the hollow paneled walls of the hallway,
Yelling, "Get Up! Get Up! Get Up!"
I'm still not a morning person.

I remember how you wept
When you accidently stepped on my kitten,
Teaching me compassion for the feelings of other's,
And teaching me that real men cry.

I remember your strength
In times of trouble
Your sacrifice to enrich the lives
Of the needy.
And your care for the lives
Of those you love.

I remember, how, as a child,
I always looked up at you,
And I thought you were a "giant."
I still do.

I remember placing my tiny feet
In your shoes--
Realizing, I could never fill them,
And being glad.

I remember how good it feels
To drive up to the house
I will always consider home,
And see you outside
Working in the yard.

I remember the jokes you played on me,
The lessons you taught me about life,
And the comfort you gave me
When I lost my first love.

I remember how you taught me how to work,
By working beside me.
And you taught me how to have fun,
Because you knew how to play.

I remember your laughter.
I remember your tears.
I remember your compassion.
But most of all,
I remember your prayers.

I thank God I still have you,
But when you are gone-
I'll still remember.

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