a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

It was by accident that I discovered her
She worked in secret, you see
But I chanced upon “The Encourager”
Through a girl who introduced her to me

With a stigma her surroundings would nurture
Reminded of it day after day
The girl hoped for a better future
But could never find her way

Then she met “The Encourager”
The girl told her of her hopes and dreams
Memories of past failures assailed her
She talked ‘til she ran out of steam

The girl left, not knowing she’s planted
A seed that would flourish and bloom
In a world where once everything slanted
And seemed bent on sealing her doom

For she planted a seed with “The Encourager”
“The Encourager” watered and cared
For the precious dream-seed that was given her
“The Encourager’s” heart was willing shared

The girl showed me what had been written
The card was dog-eared and worn
She smiled as one who was smitten
By new love that had just been born

“The Encourager” wrote:
There are those who have been where you are
They made it by refusing to quit
Your potential is unlimited-you’ll go far
There’s a place where perfectly you’ll fit

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