There Is None Like You

a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

Oh, God, You are my God,
my Champion, my Rock, and my Redeemer.
You are the One and Only God,
the Great God of the Universe.
You see all and know all,
from the death of a tiny sparrow,
to the secrets whispered in the bedrooms of the mightiest rulers.

You, oh Lord, walk on mountains and turn them into rubble.
You lay waste to great cities with Your breath and Your tears.
With the touch of the little finger on Your left hand,
You push an island into the sea,
with Your right hand, You create another.
You speak stars into existence and create life with Your love.

Though You are eternal, You have created seasons and time
to govern our mortal bodies and life on this earth.
Your power has no boundaries,
only that which is governed by Your love for us.

It is because of Your grace,
You continue to hold back Your judgement and wrath,
by not allowing them full reign.
It is Your love,
that brought You to this earth
in the form of Your precious and Holy Son,
Jesus Christ.
It is through Christ, alone,
You have designed a plan to rescue us
from the destruction of this evil world
from the sin that dwells within us.

There is none like You, my God--
Perfect Intelligence,
Awesome Wisdom,
Breathtaking Power,
Immeasurable Love.

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