a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

wherever you touch
turns in to a celestial Veena,
Wherever you go harmony rains
Cosmic rhythm reflects from the hearts
Of every being and non-being

Your kindness breezes through and through
There is an aroma hanging in the air
The divine scent purifies the foulness
Your smile so innocent melts stone hearts
Your sound delve deep in to the soul
Creates soulful symphony
Every aesthetics bow down
In humiliation at your magnanimity

Peace and beauty manifest in and on.
Earth trembles in ecstasy,
at the graceful touch of your lotus feet
the sand grains meditate.
The seas chant your name.
Somewhere I can hear you singing.
A lively tuning into the core of life,

Rain follows you, desert blooms-
-at the touch of your feet.
Golden mist from heaven downpours
Creating a rainbow linking( god and dog)
Your speech, your smile, your mere presence
Transcends tears from every eye
I love hearing your anklets ting in my heart
Let me hear you inside
Your breathe, your laughter

Let me visualize your benevolent aura,
Your mannerisms that wake me up
Let me be your child waiting for your lullaby
Let me cry for the ambrosia of your love
Your love eternal, Take me in to your bosom.
Implant me into the soil of divinity.

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