a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Petal feet floating
Slightly touching
Tickling, teasing the earth
Sand grains murmur pleasantly
At the feel of your soft toes
Your tender body glides
Through a veil of mist
Appearing in silky shape
Melting down the granules of snow
In the warmth of your heart
A stream of life spray in the air
As you exhale

Thousands of butterflies
In all shapes and shades of colour
Float around your body
Kissing and feeling your warmth
They were in meditation
In your heart chanting the 'Mantra' of love

Your discreetly warm smile
Flashing through the coolness of snow screen
As a ray from heaven
Waking flower buds to exotic bloom
Declaring your divine presence

A smear of vermillion
Still remains on the eastern sky
A bead from the rosary of your smile
Still dances on the petals of my heart
A ray of hope gleam through
Raising a rainbow
Making peacocks dance
Heaven bows down at you feet
As an unsaid prayer

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