a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Tears rolling down unaware
Falling on your golden boots
You were all around the world once
Measuring the length and breadth

When your feet touches the earth
She was trembling in spasmodic ecstasy
Every grass awaiting your stampede
The crowd cheers in sheer madness

Kicking, shooting and heading
You floated a golden atlas
Like a gladiator you swiftly moved
But every one was looking for your blood

What a pitiable figure you turned into
Time consumed you in a devilish way
Unaware, horns were growing on your head
You already had started eating forbidden fruit

I hate to see your puffy lifeless body
Your slow movements, your feeble smile
I want to see you as Maradona undecorated
The magician of foot ball wearing no ornaments

Lord! If you can listen!If my devotion is pure,
Answer my prayers, leave him alone my lord;
Don't let him hang his magic boots
Place him in your heart, the real intensive care unit.

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