a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

saw myself melting down
At thy holy feet
Was loose and disintegrated
When I prostrated and touched-
Thy lotus feet in obeisance.
Tears flowing through the corner
Of my eyes, relishing;
The sweetness of your purity
You made me cry in ecstasy
As you was feather touching my soul.
I feel your softness tickle every cell
Of my body. I sing and dance;
In the rhythm of your subtle kindness
I forget to breathe.
But I still hear your silky breath of-
Freshness all over my body
Warmth of your soul blanketing every being
Letting entire creations cuddle on you lap.
I rest comfortably on the shore
Of the fire you kindled; smelling
Incense and sandal you placed as offering
It is your love that burns as fire
Oh my master don�t let me get out

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