Guard Your Heart

a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

Romancing Jesus:
Isn’t it exciting?
Everything is fresh and new
Colors are brighter
Food’s lost its flavor
Spending Hours together
When you’re not with Him
You’re thinking of Him
Head-over-heels in love

The Honeymoon:
When did it happen?
His Words no longer thrill you
The passion is gone
Reduced to familiarity and comfort
Residing in the same house, but rarely connecting
The honeymoon is over

The Temptation:
Hey, there’s a new guy in town!
Just what you’ve been looking for
Charismatic, intelligent, and handsome, too!
People flock to see him from miles around
He preaches:
Abandon your traditions, your worn-out
Old-fashioned ways
Leave the One, you said, you once adored
Where is that love, now?
Was it ever real?

Guard Your Heart:
Flirting with adultery
Love has grown cold
Looking for excitement
Considering someone new
For your sake and the One Who Loves You
Stop and think this through
What was it that caused you to love Him?
What did He say?
What did He do?
Pray for help from above
Guard your heart from the Destroyer
And return to your First Love

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