a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

You said, “Goodbye,” to no one,
The day you passed away.
“Why?” is the question
I ask to this day.

You had so much talent,
but you threw it all away.
And, now, your guitar is silent,
I loved to hear you play.

As a friend and a brother,
my love for you will stay,
from here to eternity,
forever, and a day.

I miss you, my brother,
my days have all turned gray.
What were you thinking,
when you chose to go that way?

Anger, sorrow, and bitterness,
Twelve years, cannot erase.
The cycles of these feelings
continue to replay.

I keep your pictures near me,
in hope of seeing you someday.
I’ll look for you in heaven,
or on the Milky Way.

Your guitar will be there with you,
and I’ll want to hear you play,
all the songs that you had written,
before you went away.

I miss you, Dana, so much,
and I hope you can hear me say,
“Though I still cry and have mixed feelings,
my love will never fade away.”

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