a poem by Gail P. Kay, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Some days it seems the sun has gone
And darkness covers the land
Yet through the mists of doubt and fear
I proclaim, GOD HAS A PLAN!

By faith I see a path well lit
Where God reaches for my hand
By faith I grasp and hold His Love
For I know, GOD HAS A PLAN!

Though life may take erratic paths
As I strive with God and man
I know the angels lead me on
As they whisper GOD HAS A PLAN!

I cannot see with these mortal eyes so blind
While they perceive disasters at every hand
But my eyes of Faith guide me in triumph
Yes I know GOD HAS A PLAN!

He has a plan for my life that is true and sure
Though I stumble and stagger along
And the way be often dark and bleak
Nothing shall steal my song

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