a poem by Gail P. Kay, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Our fathers fought and died in lands both far and near
To ensure their children grew up in safety, without the tyranny of fear.
They slogged their way through jungles, and suffered desert heat
They stood their ground with courage a cruel enemy to defeat.
They came from every walk of life from city, town and farm
They formed a comradeship of steel to protect us all from harm.
They knew the grief of parting from friends killed in the battle fray;
And they knew the loss of loved ones waiting at home, so far away.

Now we see people march in protest against the wars being fought today;
They chant their slogans and tell our children war is wrong in every way!
And they take for granted freedom, never caring that in the past
Someone fought and someone died in the hope that peace would last.
Someone died so they could march and tell the world their view
It was paid for with soldier’s blood, freely given for me and you!

And soldiers know, none better, of the horrors war inflicts on men today
But they also know that if peace is to last someone still has to pay!
For freedom is not a given thing, it’s not something that’s a right
It’s a thing that’s fought and died for by men who stand upright!
There will always be the tyrant who enslaves his fellow men
And there will always be the Brave who will fight him to the end!

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