A Letter to God

a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

I’ve been silent for too long, Lord,
Which is silly, since I first learned
To talk to You, by writing You letters.

Remember how uncomfortable I was
When I first attempted to talk to You out loud?
I felt silly, like I was talking to myself.

Writing letters to You helped me
To begin to picture You as a real person.
You were no longer elusive,
And though You remained the Invisible God,
You took on substance in my heart and mind,
And I saw You in Your creation and in Your love.

So, here we are again, Lord,
Only this time it’s not because I don’t want to talk to You,
It’s because I can’t.
And now I am forced to write to You
Because thinking my prayer at You isn’t enough,
Even though You know my thoughts
and what I need before I ask.

You see, Lord, writing to You is faith in action.
I need to see the words that I would speak to You
Because I won’t hear them. And I ask that one of my angels
be allowed to carry this letter to You and read it in my stead.

And someday, Lord, if you see fit to give me back my voice,
I’ll not only talk to You, again, but I’ll write for You a new song
And sing it to You, too, not as bribery, but in praise, worship and joy.

But for now, I just want You to know, Father God, that I love You
And I appreciate all that You have done for me through the years.
You have shown yourself ever faithful and loving;
You’ve wiped away many of my tears.
You’re always ready to guide me when I’ll listen
and patient when I don’t.
You never leave me nor forsake me,
And when I doubt this, You remind me that You won’t.
Thank you, Lord.

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