Time to Clean House - Apology to Dr. Seuss

a poem by Kristine J. Trudeau, USA

Time to Clean House
(My Apology to Dr. Seuss)

When your windows are so dirty that you can’t tell day from night,
And a walk across the floor makes your feet stick to it tight,
Then you need to reconsider before your neighbors' kids come in
And a dust storm is created when they rush from door to door,
In a house that’s not been vacuumed since 1964.

When your neighbors send the police to your front door everyday,
To search for their small children whom you seem to have misplaced.
And the police give up searching when their canine disappears
Amongst the trash that you’ve been saving o’re these past 40 years,
Then you know it’s time to cleanup before your happy home’s condemned,
Or your neighbors throw a block-party and tear you limb from limb.

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