Feel Your Pain?

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Virginia Tech Shootings

The world is weeping
for the families relatives
and friends of those who
were so tragically taken
from them on that fateful day
I cannot honestly say I feel your pain and pray
that I never will.

I will go about my ordinary
life and do what I
would normally do house hold chores, shopping catch
up with friends weep
as we talk about the
tragedy at Virginia Tech
then hurry to collect our
children from their school.
Say a silent prayer for
those at Virginia Tech.
As we hold tightly to
our kids.

I will weep feel so angry and sad, my heart heavy shocked by the horror that has taken place. Disbelief at what I see of the aftermath when this tragedy is shown over and over again on the television and when I turn on my radio read a newspaper. Feel your pain? How could I?

I will weep along with the rest of the world
I will hold my loved one's in tight embrace and think This terrible tragedy could have happened to one of mine.
No one can give a guarantee they are safe when they walk out the door. Then a silent prayer
is said when they are safety
home again.
Feel your pain?
I hope and pray I never will.

May the good Lord hold you safely in the palm of his hand and give you the courage and strength to carry on in the days and years ahead.

Condolences and Prayers for all.
Thelma zaracostas and family. Australia.

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