When the Guns Spoke

a poem by Lila Joseph, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

When words got lost in autism
the guns spoke
When calls for help were not heard
the guns spoke
To students who knew him not
the guns spoke

And lives were lost in halls of learning
to cool the hate that kept on burning
envious of children who were happy in learning
while he chased the elusive ghost of longing
to be part of what he was not
and the guns spoke

He was silent but he taught his guns to speak
his fantasy he saved on disks numbered by lot
to preach to us, madness as ultimate truth
with dead people there is nothing to discuss

But we are speechless with hundreds of questions
He left us messages but gives us no answers
just condemnations of hurt perceived or ill conceived
done to him by us

He speaks now without restraint, praise for
other self professed murderers; his hero’s
complaining of things he thought insane
he, who stood outside looking in.

abundant are the tears of families
who are left with unquenchable sorrow
for their beloved children
there shall be no more tomorrows

©Lila Joseph

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