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Maximum respect
Associate day today
Reach out in embrace
Re-charge often
Interact intelligently
Articulate love
Grandeur of passion
Elegance in life

Makes marriage a success

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Two Frogs
Ultimately, it is as if an empty beer can.
those tins tied behind your limousine clanged,
rattled behind on your honeymoon trip,
bubbling with full of life, spirit blowing.
You swear before altar, I do, I do, and I do.
Marriages take place only in a moment.
boring, a ring you wear there after.
Both of you droop down cursing n swearing
Then babies come for caring, sharing, and love
They live with a virtual reality mask on,
Stars and moon falls down, eyes ringed dark,
Suddenly you get grayed, feeble, n shaking
Everything you disapprove your partner does.
Two frogs leap on to a lotus leaf fighting
Pekrommmmmmm, pekroommmmm,
Searching for a mate, too late, you are done!
Frog files suit “alimony” not sufficient!
Don’t you see a water snake waiting?

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