Nemdala and Pegbi.

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Nemdala and Pegbi.
From Trinity Michelle's Blue Folder.

Nemdala was the beginning of all
He dwelt in the land of the Blue Mist
From which came thought.
Sometimes the blue mist would be without
Thought, so he named this time night,
It was at this time called night that
Nemdala felt lonely.
So he created dreams which
Were the brothers of thought
To fill the empty periods of
time called night.
When the time of night finished the
Blue mist would return and Nemdala was happy.

He called this time day, and created the sun
To honour and set it in the blue mist where
He could watch it and feel the strange sensation
That flowed from it's rays.

For a while Nemdala was happy he believed he had everything he needed.
But there were still times when he lay deep in thought,
His mind heavy with loneliness
He needed someone to share thought with and to show his beautiful sun too.
He decided to create friend .
He made friend from equal parts of dreams and blue mist, Then put in sunshine for effect.
When he had finished, he marvelled, for friend was the Most beautiful thing he had ever created
Nemdala decided to name him Pegbi.

As time went on Nemdala realised that Pegbi was not perfect.
He suspected, he had been made with too much sunshine and dreams, and not enough blue mist from which came thought, It did not worry him too much,for Pegbi was a delightful little creature and amused him greatly.
One day as Nemdala and Pegbi were sitting on the blue mist Nemdala said to Pegbi, my friend because I love you so Dearly I have three gifts to offer you.
The first one is care with this gift you will learn the meaning of love,a love so powerful it will radiate from You like the rays of the sun.

My-second gift to you will be tears, tears will be your Comfort for in the blue mist lurks sadness, when this Sadness is released, your heart will be heavy and your Need for such comfort will be great.

My third and final gift, I must show you he said, and Gently parted the blue mist.
Pegbi, was filled with wonder before him lay a land of hills and valleys and sparkling streams.
This said Nemdala is experience
Pegbi looked at his creator and said, what do you mean by experience , is it like dreams?
Nemdala gently placed his hand upon Pegbi's head, experience is how you will feel in your land. It is laughter and tears, my gifts to you, it will come
From the way you see things around you.
Thought itself was made from experience and through it you will learn the meaning of life. Now go my friend and discover your world, you will find a few surprises set out for you.

Lastly I have something for you to take with you, with These words he drew out two tiny trees, this one he said, Is curiosity
It will guide you along the path of experience.
The other is caution, with it's help you will be safe, and may never have to know unhappiness.
Plant these trees well they will grow with you and assist you in a way you may never know.
Now go.
Pegbi left the blue mist and set foot upon the earth.

By Trinity Michelle.

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