a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Embracing colourful shades you walked in,
Stepping, on the toes of each other!
A breath of freshness flows in silky streams
Raining, aesthetic mist from the souls

World converge in depth of your eyes
A montage of divinity hung in your vision
You had engaged in enchantments
Creating an aura of celestial downpour

Sudden, chime of wedding bells, ding dong
Honeymoon trip declaring your marriage
String of empty beer cans clang behind you
Just married! Just married! Just married!

Dream vanishes from your dreamy eyes
Dark shades appear round your eyeballs
A cloud covers the moon, spilling moonlight on the bed
Stars get crushed in the Milky Way

Amongst sighs and sobs,
Flesh of moon floats in the pool.
The stars lie scattered in the western sky,
Eyes bulged; waiting for scavengers.

Court adjourns for the day.
Pending palimony proceedings.
Darling I love you.
I love you too honey!! Echoing some where?

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