It's Not Enough

a poem by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

It's not Enough

It is late I
sit, wishing you
were here, your
photograph by my side
It's not enough.

I remember when I
used to brush your
golden hair
Take long walks late
at night holding hands.

Chat with you
about what you did
Tell you how much
I loved you before you
went to bed.

But I only have my memories
of you my beautiful talented child.
It's not enough!
I want
you by my side
I don't want memories
hidden in a box
It's not enough!

I wanted to be there
When your hopes and dreams
came true.
I wanted to see you as
a blushing bride walk
with the one you love
down the aisle

Hold your babies in my arms
So many things I wanted but
it was not to be for
the good lord called
you to his heavenly home
when you were only nineteen.

So I can only gaze at your photograph ask a question
that makes me feel so sad. why? why?


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